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Stalking Permitted!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Hope everyone is off  to a great start to this day! My day started off with a flat tire but on a more positive note I managed to get in a good workout and completed 100 squats as part of my Squat challenge. It doesn't happen in South Florida often but the weather is pretty dismal today. What do you do when the weather is not appropriate to hit your favorite shopping spots.....You Stalk Of Course, Take a look!
Stalking Permitted!

While there are several reasons to stalk an outfit such as waiting for it to go on sale, waiting for it to be restocked, waiting on additional colors and sizes, Here are the the top 10 currently Making my Stalking list. What are you currently stalking and why?



Weekend Recap and Kicks of the Day!

Happy Monday Fabulites! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! On Saturday I hit up my Girl Ashley of A Sassy Woman hat party at Villagio and had a great time hanging with the Ladies. The food was fabulous and the company was even better! My luv of food is never ending so after the hat party I headed to a family BBQ complete with burgers, chicken, steak, and a host of my other favorites. I ended my Saturday night by checking out the Ryan Gosling/Bradley Cooper flick The Place Beyond the Pines, which was everything I thought it would be and more. Can we say just Gorg for Eva Mendes! Rounded out my Sunday catching up on my favorite reality TV Shows and a stint at the local China Buffet....Don't judge me, I told you I luv food! Today its back to business as usual at the 9-5 which is actually 9-6. With my weekend details out of the way let's jump right into my Monday Kicks of the day! Wanted to start off the week with a bang and what could be better than Fab Color, Fab Price, and a sandal that's Cute to Boot, I promise......
Kicks of the Day!

Kick your Monday off on the Good Foot with the Promise Kicks of the Day! What do you say Luvs, at a fab $35, Fab or Drab for the Frugal Flirty N Fab kicks of the Day!

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Buy Borrow Bury-Celebrity Style

TGIF FABulites!! We are just hours away from closing out another work week but before we do let's jump right into this weeks edition of Buy Borrow Bury! On this weeks chopping block we have the lovely and talented Selita Ebanks, Angela Simmons, and Alicia Quarles. If you could only choose one option for each of these celebrity looks without repeating an option, which would you Buy Borrow and Bury?
Buy Borrow Bury, Inquiring Minds wanna know!


Deals N Drama!

Happy Thursday Luvs, Today started out really busy for me but one can never be too busy for a Fab Dress or a Fab Deal can I get a Whoot Whoot! Too much, yeah I thought so but anyways let's jump right into my Dramatic Deal of the Day!
Deals and Drama

This dress is everything I believe in and so much more! Not sure exactly where I would dawn this beauty but I'm more than willing to make the purchase today and figure that all out later! What do you say Fabulites about my $44 Dorothy Perkins Deal of the Day, Luv it or Leave it?



On the Go Fit of the Day!

For those days when you have very limited time to figure out what to wear and how to style your hair without looking like you did them both in the dark, throw on some color and watch how everything picks up from there. That's exactly what happened with my Hump Day Fit of the Day, Take a Look!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Color is everything! I knew I made the right decision when I picked up this chic peplum number at Express over the weekend. They were having the Mother of all Sales and I ended up purchasing 2 tops, a cute peplum skirt, and a pair of  beautiful pinks pants I wore on Monday for an amazing $49 Bucks! I swear if anyone was born to bargain shop it's me! Anyways I decided to pair the top with my black go to skinny jeans, my puff, and my Luichiny's and I was ready to hit the door! How do I look Fabulites?
What did you wear for your Hump Day Fit of the Day?

Budget Friendly Boyfriends!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! Hope all is Frugal and Fashionable in your neck of the woods. Today I want to get into something you don't really hear much of on the Frugal Flirty n Fab and that's Boyfriends. One reason you don't hear alot about this subject is because I'm married, but until they come up with Hubby Jeans, boyfriends will have to do! I am currently on the hunt and obsessed with finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. You know how you have that perfect pair in your head but when you try them on they never seem to be the right ones..... If you've been on the Boyfriend prowl, Look no further, Today is your lucky day! Take a look!
Budget Friendly Boyfriends

Are you boyfriend obsessed? What makes the perfect Boyfriend Jeans for you?

For additional Boyfriend finds click Here, Here, and Here



Fab's Must Have Metals!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! It's day 2 of my get right challenge and I am feeling ecstatic! Made it through my morning workout complete with 55 squats for the 30day squat challenge and trust me, I am well on my way! Anyways enough of my bragging, let's jump right into my Tuesday Must have  Kicks of the Day. Just when you think there's nothing more that could possibly take your shoe experience to the next level, in walks Metal.......
Must Have Metals

What are your thoughts on the whole Metal Shoe Trend? Are you planning on including a pair of metal hotties to your Spring/Summer wardrobe?



Brand New Me and Kicks of the Day!

Happy Monday Fabulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a Fantabulous Weekend! I am on cloud 9 this morning because after months of saying I was going to do it I finally got up early and got my workout in before heading off to work this morning! I managed to get in 30 minutes of cardio plus I began day 1 of the Squat Challenge which included doing 50 on day 1. Today is also the first day of me taking control of my eating habits which means, No junkfood, extra veggies, fruits, lean meats, and no carbs after 7pm, so Fabulites please wish me luck! After being so inspired by what will soon be the brand new me I wanted to give you the part of me that won't ever change, my luv for high heels with my Kicks of the Day!
Kicks of the Day!

In the world of the Frugal Flirty N Fab all things are possible with great color and a Fab heel, but what are your thoughts on my Monday Kicks of the Day, Luv em or Leave em?

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Celeb Looks of the Week I Clearly Could Have Done Without!

I'm on the fence when it comes to Celebrity Style. I think its kinda harsh to judge someones attire based on your personal likes and dislikes especially since I base a majority of my blog on wearing what makes you feel good. But on the other side of the stick I do believe entertainers have an obligation to look the best they can and make the best out of every opportunity. Here are my 3 Celebrity Looks of the week, My soul clearly could have done without and why, Take a Look!
Celeb Disasters
One of the Only people I luv more than Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, and clearly Olivia and her team should have stepped in and prevented this look from happening. Hell I'm mad at Michael Kors for even creating such a look! Kerry I beg of you, Do Better! Jennifer my Jennifer, Girl Why? I know we all can get caught up in the print mixing but to add those shoes to an already questionable look just adds injury to insult!  I think Zoe meant well but in my opinion it was the wrong look for the wrong occasion. What about that Elvira skirt said MTV Movie Awards? Was Zoe in Character?  Someone please Que that Lauryn Hill When it Hurts So Bad!
Where do you stand when it comes to Celebrity Style? Are they obligated to dazzle and mesmerize us with their style? What are your thought on these Celebrity Looks?



Shoes to Sheets and Kicks of the Day!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! Sometimes its perfectly acceptable to allow your shoes to do all the talking and these shoes scream, "It is better to wear out One's Shoes than One's Sheets"!
Kicks of the Day

That quote alone makes it impossible to say you've never learned anything from the Frugal Flirty N Fab! At a cute $38 bucks a pop is it a Rock em or Roll em for these Lulu's Mixx Shuz Kicks of the Day?
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