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Don't Sleep on Green!

I've never really pictured myself as someone who  would be interested in wearing anything Green but after seeing celebrities and fashionistas alike Rock the color effortlessly I must say I'm interested in the possibilities....Check out the 10 green pieces on my current Wishlist!
Going Green?

Lace cocktail dress, €29
Polka dot cardigan, $35
Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt, $35
Summer skirt, $35
Qupid peep toe heels, $5
Qupid green suede pumps, $5
Leather jewelry, $16
Breo green shades, £15
ASOS buckle belt, $11
DOLCE & GABBANA MAKEUP Intense Nail Lacquer Wild Green, £17


  1. I am loving the green palette. I can't wait to go out and get some pretty green stuff:-) I love both of the skirts!

    1. LV I was once skeptical of the color green but I have to admit I luv the way it compliments my skin tone...I'm sure you'll luv it!


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