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Friday's Kicks of all Kicks!

Happy Good Friday FABulites! As always I hope everyone is enjoying their Good Friday and wish you all a very Happy Easter. For today's kicks of the day I wanted to give you what I like to call in my world the multipurpose shoe. These are shoes that can be worn all Spring/Summer long, can easily be adapted from day to night, can be dressed up and played down, and cost you pennies on the dollar considering the amount of wear you'll get out of them. Meet ASOS's New Looks very own Savannah.....

Perfect Colors including Coral, Turquoise, and Black are just what one needs to enjoy the Spring of her dreams. Not only are they perfect for you, I think they'd also make for the perfect gift! Can't you just see yourself rocking these with your favorite Floral Dress, I certainly can! Get ya Life Ladies, In my Tamar Braxton voice! At a cute $33 I think eveyone's a winner here!
What are your thoughts on Savannah, Hot or Hmmmm....
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Springs Top 10 Must Have Bottoms!

How many of you Ladies know the power of having a good bottom? By wearing it with confidence you've won half the battle, but choosing the right one will solidify your fabness factor! Take a look at the Frugal Flirty N Fab's must have10 Spring Bottoms sure enough to keep you Bottom's Up! Take a look!

Must Have Bottoms!
What's currently on your must have Spring Bottom's Up List? Which of my Must Haves are your favorites? 

White N Bright Kicks of the Day!

Happy Thursday Fabulites! I hope everyone is off to a great start to this day. I'm feeling a little sleepy and I'm pretty sure its due to the 2 chicken croquettes and chicken empanada I had for breakfast this morning. My double cups of coffee is clearly no match for me this morning! But enough about my breakfast wars, let's jump right into my White N bright Kicks of the Day! I'm not sure about you all but as a kid I will admit I was traumatized by the scuff marks that would out of no where appear on my white shoes. So traumatized that until recently I have lived a fairly whiteless shoe life. But I recently had a talk with myself and decided that as a grown lady I needed to rethink my issues with white shoes and you know, give them another try. I mean I currently own a couple outfits that would work very well with them and not to mention they are kinda perfect for the pastel trend that's currently plaguing the nation. So I decided to face my fear of white with my Kicks of the Day!

White is Right

Both looks are perfectly priced under $50 and are great options for facing your fear of white. Tell me Fabulites, Is white Right?

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Introducing LOOKSIMA! Be Stylish Be Happy!

Have you ever wanted the help of a professional stylist be it for a very important event or for every day wear but didn't know how to go about finding one or simply couldn't afford it? If so then LOOKSIMA is perfect for you. LOOKSIMA stands for Look I Adore More and provides professional stylists to a wide audience by defining your individual style based on your style profile. If you like the items that have been chosen you can buy the individual item or the entire look by clicking on the link next to the item taking you directly to the store selling the items. Stylish Looks in an instant, It's just that easy, Take a look!

LOOKSIMA looks are created by a team of the worlds finest stylist and professional individuals who are Great at making others feel beautiful and stylish. New looks are created daily so that everyday is a stylish one. Looks can also be created for special occasions as well. So what are you waiting for, Sign up with LOOKSIMA today! To sign up or for additional Information on all that LOOKSIMA has to offer please visit the site at For questions please contact


Jessica Simpson Kicks of the Day!

Nothing says Spring like a great pair of Jessica Simpson Shoes, Take a look at the Kicks of the Day!

Kicks of the Day

Today only save an additional 15% off all Jessica Simpson shoes by using code SAVE at checkout!
Does Jessie give you that bit of Spring Sophistication you've been looking for?
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Lets Talk Tuesday Fit of the Day!

Happy Tuesday Luvs! Hope everyone is off to a great start to this beautiful day! Can you believe on Sunday we broke record heat temperatures with a high of 91 degrees and today we are in the 50's? What's really going on? Anyways lets get into my Tuesday Fit of the Day!
Although I sometimes have a hard time finding the right ones for my body shape I LIVE for a great pair of pants! Luckily for me they are currently pretty trendy right now making them easier to find. I picked these up at JcPenny and it was luv at first sight! I knew immediately that I wanted to pair them with a sheer white top and add a pop of color with my shoes and so I did. Within minutes  and a overall total of about $40 I give you my Frugal Flirty N Fab, Fit of the Day!
Is it OK to say I'm kinda feelin myself in this look? Hey if I don't then who will? Does your Tuesday Fit of the day have you talking? What are you wearing that has you Feeling yourself?
Top Burlington similar here
Pants JcPenny similar here
Shoes JCPenny similar here


Monday and Me!

Happy Monday FABulites!! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend of their dreams! I actually had a soccer mom free weekend which allowed me to partake in a little shopping, a couple movies, and fantastic eats, my favorite things! Let's get into my Monday look of the day! Mondays are always pretty hectic and I find its the day of the week when I just want to pull something simple and cute out of my closet without being weighed down with all the details of my look. Take a look at what I managed to put together.
I chose to go with my long black cotton Express maxi skirt that I managed to get at an amazing price of $9  a couple weeks ago during one of the Express clearance sales and paired it with this cute n trendy polka dot top from Burlington. To pull the look together I added a black chain necklace, my silver star earrings, silver cuff, and black sandals and in the blink of an eye I was out the door. Frugal Flirty N Fab indeed! What does your Monday fit consist of?
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Amazing Grace Kicks of the Day!

TGIF Fabulites!It's finally Friday, the day we look forward to all week! It's been a pretty long work week but rest assured I will raise my wine glass to each of you this evening. Anyways before we get into Grace, My shoes of the day I just wanted to inform you all that on the 17th of this month I celebrated my 11th month of being a naturalista. Truly one of the the best most recent decisions I've made. If you'd like to take a look at my hair journey check me out on Instagram @frugalflirtynfab! Ok now onto Grace....I wanted to end my Kicks of the Day with something Frugal in price yet Fab in flesh and Grace jumped out at me! Priced perfectly at $45 and ideal for everything from that summer dress, to wide leg jeans, to high waist shorts, Grace is sure to make a lasting impression....Take a look

Amazing Grace

Are you Amazed by Grace? How would you rock her?
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Kicks of the Day-Luv em or Leave em?

Happy Thursday Fabulites! Just one more day before we can call this work week a wrap and let the fun begin! I am really hoping that this will be the weekend I can finally bring some order to my shoe closet. Things are clearly out of hand and once and for all I need to show my shoes who's boss! I'm a firm believer that what is meant to be is simply meant to be. When God granted me with a six and half size foot with a arch created by the Gods I had no choice but to be a shoe addict! Anyways let's jump right into my Thursday shoe of the day. This one comes from one of my current favorite Brands, Shoe Republic La but today I ask, Luv it or Leave it?
Kicks N Dots

 Leave a comment telling me how you'd rock this look. Personally I think I'd rock it with an all black ensemble, you know, allow the shoe to have its shine!

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Helloooo Spring!

Happy Hump Day and first Day of Spring Fabulites! Although for me Spring weather is basically year round there's just something really special about today being the first official day.  In honor of this Glorious Occassion (dramatic much) I decided to go with one of my old favorites.....Say hello to my First Day of Spring Fit of the Day!
Just in case you weren't aware, I live for a cute and simple maxi. They are simply everything in my book! Those mornings when you don't have lots of time to fuss over what to wear simply throw on a maxi, a top bun, cute sandals or wedges, earrings, and a little gloss and you're good to go! Instant Frugal Flirty N Fab in all of about 10 minutes!
Before we part ways today I just wanted to say a special thanks to everyone who Liked and commented on my Jazz in the Gardens fit and post and the over 500 of you who have  LIKED the Facebook Page. Your kind words definitely keep me going.
What are you wearing for today's Spring kickoff?
Dress Ross
Earring Burlington
Shoes Luichiny
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The Music, The Fabness, The Style-8th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Recap!

Last weekend  thanks to the fab folks at Circle of One Marketing, I had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival and it was more amazing than I even imagined! Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better than the previous years the City of Miami Gardens surprised me by giving me So Much More! To say this was a wonderful event would definitely be an understatement! One of the most unbelievable music festivals one will ever get the chance to experience. This years talented lineup consisted of Host Michael Baisden, Fantasia, New Edition, BabyFace, Earth Wind N Fire, Monica, Neyo, Nicole Henry, Mary Mary, and Charlie Wilson among other local and not so local Artists! I can't even put into words what it felt like to look into the crowd and see thousands of people all having a good time, eating, drinking, doing the wobble and singing along to the hit tunes of their favorite artist. Allow me to share with you some of my favorite moments of the weekend.
Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell, Better known as Mary Mary have the voices of angels. Not only did they sing for dear Life their looks were beyond on point. Erica in the red and Tina in the striking blue with a super fab mohawk were both picture perfect. Let me just say if you've seen their hit reality show, the camera definitely adds 10 lbs. Fab from head to toe!
New Edition took me back to my childhood in an instant singing old classics like CandyGirl and Mr. Telephone Man, but when Mr. Bobby Brown appeared on the stage it was OVER! Don't you just luv how the right song can instantly take you back to that particular time and place! It was great seeing the entire group together and performing.
Ralph was always my favorite, Which one was your pretend!
How many of you know those New Edition moves?
Before Jazz in the Gardens I think I'd forgotten just how many hits BabyFace actually had but rest assured he immediately refreshed my memory! Yes to babyface!
I know I've said it before but there's just something so calming and inspiring about Monica's voice. Its almost like she hypnotizes you when she sings! Definitely one of my favorite performers of all time! Monica always brings it! Her tribute to Whitney Houston that she does during her set is unbelievable!
For Day1 of Jazz in the Gardens I wanted to keep the vibe grown yet Sexy! So with that in mind I opted for this Pink/Peach sheer tube top Maxi from 2bstores, cream and gold wedges, gold chain and cuffs....The love I received from this outfit was everything and I thank everyone for the FIT luv! I felt like the Belle of the Ball and enjoyed every minute of it. Not quite the Angelina Jolie leg, but I'm coming for her, ha!Unfortunately I wasn't able to get picts of my look from Day2 so I hope I gave you enough with day 1.
If you havent done so please add Jazz in the Gardens to your list of must attend concerts! You have to experience it for yourself to get a true feel of the magic! For additional info on Jazz in the Gardens or to prepare for next years event please visit here.
What was your favorite part of Jazz in the Gardens? Do you plan on attending next year?
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What's a Monday Without a Little Luichiny Luv?

Happy Monday Fabulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a fashionable weekend and is off to a terrific start to this weeks activities! My Weekend was Non stop but I wouldn't have it any other way. My sons basketball team did a great job playing in the Slamfest both Saturday and Sunday and I also had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival, which you'll hear more on that in my upcoming post. Anyways, let's jump right into my Monday Kicks of the day. Because I know sometimes we require a little bit more to shift our Monday mornings into gear, Instead of one shoe of the day I decided to share with you one of my favorite brands......Say Hello To Luichiny!

Luichiny Luv!
Ladies, When you come across a Brand that meets all your needs when it comes to Rocking that fab pair of shoes, You stick with them and show em Luv! Luichiny is definitely that Brand for me! What Brands you feel really represent your style? Have you ever rocked Luichiny?
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Meet Mavis-Thursday Kicks of the Day!

Happy Thursday Fabulites! Not sure why but today I woke up in a Mint and Neutral state of mind. Not 100% sure what that means but it was a good introduction into todays Kicks of the day! Today's pick once again just goes to show that you don't have to spend a fortune to look great. Seeing these fly kicks would complete any outfit not to mention  stop the baddest of fashionistas dead in her tracks! And now at a frugal $26 I give you the Mavis 03 Pointy Toe Heels and Kicks of the Day.....

Thursday Kicks!
What do you say Fabulites, Would you Rock these Frugal Flirty N Fab Kicks of the Day?
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