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Prom Dress Fantasies!

It's one of the most important times in a young woman's life, It's Prom and every Diva deserves to show up in a dress that not only easily slays the other dresses in the room but also isn't afraid to show up and show out! It's your chance to not only tell a little about who you are but also showcase your very own individual sense of style! Today the Frugal Flirty N Fab and JenJenHouse would like to help you have the prom of your dreams by providing you with a couple of things you want to keep in mind when selecting the all so Important Prom Dress....Let's begin  shall we......


Let's not kid ourselves,  Prom night is all about the dress and the more spectacular the dress  the more exciting your prom will be! I mean let's be real, who doesn't dream of having their very own Pretty Woman moment at their senior prom, minus the whole paid prostitute thing of course! Although these are your girls and you love then, your prom dress should make every girl in the room rethink the dress she chose, be the standout in the room of mediocrity and single handedly make you the Belle of the Ball! There shouldn't be a guy in the room not slapping himself  for not taking the time out to get to know you better,or any girl who isn't slapping herself for choosing her prom dress over yours. In other words your dress should make you feel like the Numero Uno head Princess in a sea of many. Last but not least your prom dress should be love at first sight. You shouldn't have to think about it or choose between it and your top 3 choices but instead know immediately without hesitation that you've picked the dress of your dreams for a night you'll never forget! I hope I was able to assist you in fulfilling your prom dress fantasies. For this and additional Special Occassion dresses please make sure to visit my friends at JenJenHouse and tell em the Frugal Flirty N Fab sent ya!

Fabulites, What did you wear to your Senior Prom and more importantly How did your selection make you feel?


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