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Mayhem and So Much More!

Undoubtedly handsome, beautifully built, singing voice known to make panties drop, and a smile that will melt your heart is what you get on the outside, but the inspiration and motivation that comes from within this humble Watts California native is what inspires a world today.Tyrese Gibon, or World's Greatest as he calls himself in his Twitter Bio is taking the world by storm with his Transformers movie, comic book Mayhem, the release of his new single, and the sound advice he dishes out to the Love Circle.

From humble beginnings to the mega star he is today ,Tyrese wants to take us all on a life journey proving that with determination, hard work, and your trust in God all things are possible. Tyrese is currently traveling on a international Transformer Premiere Tour (0pening June 24th) and taking all his fans with him. Follow Tyrese as he takes us all from Watts to Tokyo, Rome, and Madrid giving everyone a piece of him while leaving a definite impact on this world.

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