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The New 2020 Me!

FABulites How are you, Oh how I have missed you SO considering it's been nearly a year since I last posted. So many things have changed yet some have miraculously remained the same. I am still a Mom, Wife, Nana, Business Owner and Dreamer but at this stage of my life it's time to make those dreams a reality by focusing on The New Me!

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I took some time away to focus on what it is I really want out of this thing called life and I think I've had just enough time to finally know what that is! I want to see my family grow and excel at the things they are most passionate about. I want to be able to sometimes step away from our every day reality and simply enjoy the things we most take for granted such as spending quality time with each other. I want to be able to learn, grow, and implement the practices I need to have in place for my business to grow. I want to make Forbes 50 under 50 list if such a thing exists or at least see my name and business under the Essence lights! I want to empower and motivate other women. I want to be able to share with them the trials and tribulations I've been through in hopes of letting them know I've done it and you can do it too. I want to make tons of money. Not just put up for a rainy day money but the type of money where your kids, kids, never want for anything and tell the stories of how you were a hustler long after I'm dead and gone.

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Normally this is the time of year when we place a focus on what this next year will look like for us. To say I've been there and done that tirelessly would be an understatement. But you see the new me, the 2020 me is all about conquering those things I want most and a signed sealed and delivered promise to share with all of you just how I'm going to achieve it. Stay tuned Fabulites, I promise you we've got alot in store! In the mean time Shop Boutique Sales Chic, Drink plenty of Water, share Love & Light, and get ready for the New Me!


Welcome Home: 25th Essence Festival

The 2019 Essence Festival kicked off in New Orleans on July 4th with Essence in the Park. Guests were treated to a musical selection featuring MC Lyte. 

MC Lyte

The festival consists of three star-packed days of performances, vendor activities, forums, and much more across several venues throughout the city. 

Featured guests on the Walmart stage included Anthony Anderson, Dr. Curlina  and Dr. Heavenly from Married to Medicine. They discussed the importance of managing your health at all ages. #ReignOn. 

The cast of the Brian Banks movie. The inspirational true story of Brian Banks, an all-American high school football star who finds his life upended when he's wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't commit premiers on August 9th. Sherri Shepherd is pictured here in a stunning red romper designed by Rachel Roy. Similar Jumpsuits available at Boutique Sales Chic.

Frugal Flirty N Fab Contributor Prinsetta Myers and Sherri Shepherd

Tamron Hall is returning to daytime television with her own talk show this fall on ABC. According to Tamron, “Fashion will be a big part of the show. I want y’all to gag when you see Tamron”. Tamron’s new show will be taped 3 times a week and have 2 pre-recorded viewings. Here’s Tamron looking lovely in her floral printed dress

Fans were in for a real treat as their favorite celebrities stopped by the #fanzone. The cast of the final season of Power gathered to take pictures and engage with very excited fans. 

There was no shortage of activities including several democratic nominees making a stop to attempt to appeal to black women voters. Kayla Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker are amongst the few who visited this year’s festival to expound on their plan to win the 2020 presidential election. Booker, in particular states that we should not ask candidates what they are going to do, instead we should ask what have they already done. Looking forward to hearing more from the candidates this election cycle. Our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama graces the Superdome with her presence to discuss the elements of becoming Michelle Obama. It was great to hear first hand the trials, tribulations, and victories she has seen in her lifetime. 

Saturday night ended with none other than this years lifetime achievement award recipient Mary J Blige. She is a regular on the Essence stage and of course was amazing as usual.

Tyler Perry graced the stage on Sunday morning encouraging everyone to just be kind and the rest will follow. 

Along with a host of others Donnie Mcclurkin took us to church! 

One can not go to New Orleans and not indulge in the food. The food speaks for itself. 

Did you attend the 25th Annual Essence Musical Festival? What was your favorite part of the event and will you be attending next year? For additional info please visit

*Post courtesy of Frugal Flirty N Fab Contributors Sheniqua Dillard & Prinsetta Myers


Thanks for the Staying Power Mean Green!

FABulites, As we come to the close of yet another year I know many of us are focused on what things we'll be changing for the new year but today i'd like to take this moment and talk about something that will be staying the same and that's the trusted cleaning power of Mean Green!

It's been a long year for the Frugal Flirty N Fab and throughout it all I've found the act of cleaning to be both challenging and therapeutic but no matter what the day brought I was always comforted in knowing I had Mean Green by my side. From pitching my business, Boutique Sales Chic at vending events, to family events held at the house, to my ultra demanding Spring Cleaning Challenge the one thing I always knew I could count on was the staying power of Mean Green. For those of you who are just joining me for the first time and might be unfamiliar with Mean Green let me just sum it all up by saying its the strongest degreaser and cleaner you can buy for the money when other cleaners simply just won't do. It's the most honest brand available considering it gives you the performance you can always count on and who doesn't love a good performance. Inside and outside, nothing works better than Mean Green.

I was first introduced to the fabness of Mean Green in the beginning of the year when I set out to be a little more conscious about the cleaning products I was using around my family and kids. I wanted to do my part in supporting a brand that would not only get the job done but was always safe to use around pets, plants and people. As the love affair blossomed I not only learned that it was eco friendly but that I could use it on vinyl siding,  the exterior of my car,  in my laundry as a  pre-treat on tough stains and more. The possibilities are endless with Mean Green.

While many changes will be made as we head into the New Year it just feels right knowing some things will be staying just the same and thanks to the staying power of Mean Green we can all rest assured that change is not for everything! Are you fan of the Cleaning power of Mean Green?