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How to Relax, Relate and Release with Jigsaw Puzzle!

*This post is sponsored by Jigsaw Puzzle but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.*
I know we all enjoy seeing the super fly girl on the go but please allow me to be the first to tell you that slaying ain't easy! Between the constant shopping, picture taking, mastering trends, and having the pressure of always looking so perfectly put together it can be downright exhausting! So what does a girl do when she simply just can't slay another day, she turns to the Jigsaw Puzzle app!

Lately the Jigsaw Puzzle has been my go to when it comes to taking a break from the stress of everyday life. When running the business becomes too overwhelming, Jigsaw Puzzle, When the kids are at it again for the 100th time, Jigsaw Puzzle, When it's my me time, Jigsaw Puzzle, you get my drift. Puzzling Minds turn to Jigsaw Puzzle.

One reason I prefer playing Jigsaw Puzzles as a form of relaxation is because of the added benefits that come along with playing. Not only are they a great way to relax and unwind but they are also great for stimulating your brain, helping you stay sharp and on top of your game and are even great when it comes to time management making you feel like you've accomplished something great.

One of the things I love most is how the game offers daily puzzles and keeps things interesting. Jigsaw Puzzle offers intricate detailed colorful puzzle packs like mosaic, quilting patterns, or images of bustling European villages. I love the fact that a mobile game has such great MobilityWare.

Jigsaw Puzzle is great for puzzlers of all ages and offer over 10,000 eye catching HD Puzzles. Among it's many features , the game lets players choose to have up to 400 puzzle pieces, work on multiple puzzles at once, and make puzzles from personal photos! The hassle of cleaning off the dinner table to spread out your puzzle is a thing of the past. Now you can put together puzzles while waiting on your car at the car wash, during a sporting event, while relaxing on the beach, or even while lying in bed! It's amazing how playing the game gives you that same jigsaw puzzle on the table all spread out experience. We can thank modern technology for that!

Jigsaw Puzzle is currently the most searched Jigsaw Puzzle app on the App Store. I believe the fact that you can customize your music, chose from dozens of free backgrounds, and search for daily puzzles that align with your interest plays a major part in that. The game is also available on Google Play as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire, where it is particularly popular. If you're looking for the perfect opportunity to relax while challenging yourself to a brain teaser then Jigsaw Puzzle is definitely for you.
Have you turned to Jigsaw Puzzle as your new favorite relaxation method and if not please tell me what are you waiting for?


Trust The Power of Mean Green!

If you know anything about me then you already know that there are three things that make me super happy! One is a cute outfit, two is a delicious bite to eat and last but not least is a spacious and clean home. Thanks to my friends over at Mean Green keeping my home clean is an enjoyable priority!

*This post is sponsored but the views mentioned are all my own*

Is it just me or do you also enjoy coming home to house that's clean both inside and out? I mean the feeling is unbelievable! I knw it might sound funny but when I enter my home and smell the cleanliness of Mean Green I immediately feel loved. Mean Green products provide a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner for every room of your house including kitchen, laundry room, garage, bathroom, and even outdoor areas as well. There's no job too big for Mean Green!

Mean Green is the line of superior heavy duty cleaners, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and contains no acid, ammonia, or bleach, so you can feel safe using it just about anywhere, inside and out.Mean Green products are economical, safe to use on different surfaces and can even be recycled, I mean what's not to love? Mean Green is safe for  your car, boat, or RV and can even be used on vinyl. Today, Mean Green is known as a national and international, superior all-purpose cleaner for the toughest jobs around your house, your garage or your work. The iconic "Super Strength" formula is made with a unique blend of detergents and solvents that form a powerful heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Lab tests prove it beats nearly every other cleaner on nearly every stain. And because it’s biodegradable, non-toxic and contains no acid, ammonia, or bleach, you can feel safe using it just about anywhere, inside and out.

Are you a fan of Mean Green and if not what are you waiting for?


One Music Fest the Recap!

One Music Festival

The Sweat was real this pass weekend as thousands gathered in Central Park for two fun filled days of One Music Fest 2018.  

Nas/ Big Sean/ Atlanta/ Central Park/ Her/ Music Festival

Saturday’s lineup consisted of  Nas, Big Shaun, Miguel, H.E.R, DVSN, and many more. On Sunday sets from familiar names including T.I., Big Boi, George Clinton, Monica and festival-closer 2 Chainz. 
Big Sean/ Central Park/ Music Festival/ Atlanta/ Event

One of the crowd favorites on Sunday was the ATL Crunk Set featuring many of the rappers responsible for countless hits of the early 2000s (Lil Jon was not in attendance).
In addition to all the impressive performances this weekend, there was a variety of amazing food from the many food vendors inside the park to the many food trucks along the side of the park.
Many local vendors selling items from jewelry to clothing items and much more. I got a chance to meet some very talented people responsible for the Wakanda inspired jewels. Let’s just say I was impressed.  Many of the T-Shirt vendors displayed items representing my natural hair black sisters.  Speaking of my Melanin Sista’s, Atlanta brings us out in all shapes and sizes; the BEAUTY was Real this weekend. 

There was a technical difficulty causing H.E.R’s set to be delayed along with an unexplained delay for Miguel but all in all the One Music Festival 2018 was a huge success. I look forward to experiencing next year’s festival.

Did you attend One Music Fest? What were your favorite parts of the festival?

*Guest Contributor Monique Dillard*

Monique Dillard/ Music Festival/ Nas/ Her/ Miguel/ Big Sean/ Monica