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Never Satisfied!

I can not believe all the negative comments I am hearing today about the BET Awards. This just goes to show that my people are never satisfied with anything. Michael's death came very unexpectedly leaving only a matter of 3 days for the BET Awards staff to rearrange their entire show that was previously scheduled, to become a tribute show for the late Iconic Michael Jackson. We were told on numerous occasions that there would be tributes paid to MJ and as far as what I witnessed that is exactly what we got. The show opened with New Edition doing a medley of Jackson 5 songs which was how MJ began his career. Then we were introduced to the host Jamie Fox who throughout paid homage to the fashions of Michael Jackson. Everyone is asking about the tribute to MJ. People everyone or nearly everyone who got on the stage last night paid some sort of tribute to MJ. Whether it was in song, by acceptance, by fashion statements, by providing fond memories ,etc I saw a group of African American people gather and pay tribute to the "Gloved One", himself. Were there problems with the show,Yes ,what did you expect in three days time. We spend so much time complaining about our people that we end up missing the beauty. Keep in mind if we complain then everyone else will complain, then what? Once again we are back to a lack of representation and wondering why it happens!!! Support is the name of the game people and we could all do it more often....

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