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Real Housewives!

I found the season finale of the Housewiveof New Jersey to be quite hilarious. But I have to say I most intrigue with one housewife in general by the name of Theresa. Theresa just reminded me a lot of myself and shared many of my feeling when it comes to food, fashion, and fabulosity. Throughout the short lived season Theresa delighted us with her 3 girls, decorating, and habitual shopping. One of my favorite lines was when she admitted she would prefer if she, her girls, and her husband could all dress alike. On the second to final episode Theresa filled a dream of hers and got her breast implant which wasn’t the first time on this season of housewives we were able to see the women get some sort of cosmetic procedure. But in the final episode when Theresa asked that her kids be taken out of the room, rolled her head at Danielle, picked up the table, called Daniell a Bitch, then kissed her husband and told him she loved him I definitely fell in love….Cant’ wait to see who or what the next season of Housewives will bring along!

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