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United By Tragedy

I could not believe it when my coworker sent me an instant message that read ,"Michael Jackson has died"! I immediately went to the web and felt an ounce of hope as they stated he was rushed to the hospital and it had not been confirmed that he was dead. For the next half hour I prayed that this was just the media making up some ugly vicious rumors. Within an half hour it had been confirmed by 99 percent of the news media that the person once known as the epic Entertainer Michael Jackson was no longer.

I could not even begin to put into words the overwhelming rush of emotions I immediately felt. I hadn't been this emotional since Barack Obama was voted president. This was a different kind of emotion though this caused a pain that hurt me deep within my soul. Michael was not my family but the pain I felt was that of loosing a family member.

You just never expect for something of this magnitude to happen. The passing of Michael Jackson is worst than anything I could ever imagine and once again in an instance, we are a nation united by tragedy. Today for the first time maybe ever I feel as though I can go up to any individual of any nationality and discuss the loss of a legend. On very few occasions can we all relate to the same pain we are all now feeling. Michael we will miss you, but your spirit and music will forever live on....


  1. You are on your job Dede!!!! I still can't believe it. This is someone who have been around for 40 years...if not more. If you ask entertainer who have came out within the past 20 yrs (rappers included) they would say they were influenced by Michael Jackson. R.I.P...Michael Jackson!!!

  2. He will be forever missed, RIP MJ.


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