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Groupie Love

It was Sunday morning and Mr. FrugalFlirtynFab and I decided to visit the nearest Waffle House for a nice breakfast since our kids were away at their grandparents for the weekend. Since I just did not feel like going home alone I decided to go with Hubby to his Sunday morning basketball playing ritual. Over the years hubby would often tell me stories of the many different professional basketball and footballs players who would often visit the gym where he played ball but I never really paid attention. We entered the gym and I went directly over to the bleachers and hubby went straight onto the floor. So I was sitting down playing with my blackberry and i kept hearing this one guy voice talking about how talented he was and saying that if you did not know what he did for a living you'd think he was a professional football player. As I picked my head up to try to match the shit talkers voice with the face I realized it was none other than Terrell Owens himself. At first I just sat there with my mouth open probably looking a little stupid but I quickly regained my composure when I saw hubby giving me that get it together look. When they took their first break I confirmed with hubby that it was T.O, at which time he gave me a lecture on behaving like a wife and not a groupie.(lol) I have to tell you that T.O. was everything I'd seen in the pictures and so much more. He was tall, lean, ripped, a shit talker, and had the skills to back it up. I guess i don't have to tell you that hubby has not invited me back to any of his basketball ventures but the one I did have the chance to visit will forever live on in my memory. You can catch T.O. new reality show premiering this month on the VH1 Network...

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