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Happy Independence Day!

So today after a little resistance I went to the beach to spend the 4Th of July holiday with family and friends, but I have to tell you that this holiday gathering was a little different. I'm not sure if it was the tragic events that have recently taken place that made this gathering so enjoyable even though there were some family members that were missing. From everything that has happened lately I think we have all learned how important it is to spend time and enjoy the people you love because as we have all seen you can be here one day and gone the next. I hope I never loose anyone close to me and I end up having a list of important things I wished I would have told them when they are alive but for some reason never had the opportunity to do so or just never took the time. Lets all do ourselves a favor and enjoy every relationship that we are a part of and never, never, never take anyone for granted. That's the most important lesson I learned this 4Th of July and believe me its a very important one. How did you spend your holiday and what was you favorite part of the day?

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