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Is There an Interventionist in the House

While I may be Frugal, Flirty and Fab I have never said I was perfect by any means. Through out the work week I stick to a healthy eating plan of mostly vegetables, lean meats, low carbs, and at least 8 glasses of water a day only to loose my head on the weekends. So today as I sit at my desk giving everyone I see making a purchase from the snack machine a dirty look I am forced to wonder could I possibly be in need of a interventionist. Truthfully, one of the main motivational reasons for working out is so that I can have a good retail therapy experience bright and early on Saturday morning. On the days when the junk food seems to be calling me the most I will even move my shopping experience up to Friday which will give me an extra day of pigging out. I can't believe I am so strong and disciplined during the week and such a mess on the weekends. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. This week I started my experience on Friday night with a quart of Special Fried Rice and a 10 piece Honey Garlic Wing. Saturday is when things took a turn as I enjoyed Waffle house for breakfast, China Buffet for lunch, and Pollo Tropical for dinner. Sunday I made my way to the local 7-11 where I loaded up on Junk Food then ended my evening with Bread, Buffalo Wings, Burger, Frozen Margarita, and a dessert from Fridays. Then as I sit at my desk eating a plate of broccoli today all I can reflect on is the beauty I experienced over the weekend. Why Cant I Be Great, deep inside I know the answer to this...Instead of judging me do what's right and share your junkfood trials and tribulations with me and lets seek help together....

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