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Strong Black Woman Solange Knowles

Yes she will Fox News your ass if you come at her wrong about her sister, and when traveling early in the morning she'd prefer it if you kept your traveling advice to yourself, but I have to tell you the negative attention she received yesterday after pictures surface of her having a close to bald new hairdo were not warranted or appreciated. Often times we forget that the things we say can be hurtful to celebrities because we often do not see them as being on the same level that we are on. Put yourself in Ms. Knowles position and tell me how you would have felt if you were on the receiving end of the negative attention. This seems to be even more common in the African American communities considering I did not hear or read any negative comments from any of the major networks or blogging sites. Like she say's its only hair and we all know there are days when we wake up and wish we didn't have to deal with our hair. Does the lack of hair prevent Solange from being a responsible mother when it comes to taking care of her child? Does the lack of hair prevent her from being a talent in our community who is not afraid of speaking her mind? Does the lack of hair prevent her from having the same feelings other human beings have or give anyone the right to treat her maliciously? People we need to stop being so judgemental and try to be more supportive of each other cause in the end you never know when you might find yourself in a similar situation. Solange is not the first female celebrity to cut off her hair and believe me she won't be the last.

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