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T.O. Show Recap

Last night I caught the season premiere of the new T.O. reality show and I have to admit I found it quite interesting. I appreciated being able to see that even a super athlete can be forced to deal with the obstacles life throws your way. I also found it rather uplifting when after finding out that he'd been cut from the Dallas Cowboys he took to the streets and his fans were there to uplift him. I found the relationship T.O. has with his publicist and good friends Kita and Mo to also be very interesting. Especially the relationship he has with Kita. I don't know if it was just me but I think I saw a little chemistry between the two and maybe we will get a glimpse of it on the show. I especially loved the part played by the real estate agent. Deep inside we all knew she planned everything from the outfit she had on to every word she spoke when she found out the home was for Mr. Terrell Owens himself ,and ladies can you blame her? Either way I enjoyed the T.O. Reality Show and look forward to next weeks episode. What were your first thoughts of the show?

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