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Votes Are In

In my opinion I think the comments that were made in reference to the Tiny & Toya Reality Show were absolutely outrageous. People I have said it before and I will say it again, " We Gots To Do Better". Last night's premier episode dealt with very harsh realities that I'm sure we can all relate to in one way or another. Toya gave us a look into her life showing how hard it can be when you are forced to deal with a family member being on drugs, and how hard it can be growing up without having a strong support system. Tiny gave us true reality as she dealt with handling her father"s alzheimers, and also the struggle that every woman deals with when trying to decide what choices to make between having a professional career and dealing with your relationship. Many of the comments were about the way Tiny speaks but believe me we all understood what she was saying. We often complain about not being represented in a positive light on TV but when a show comes on with two positive females trying to make a difference in their lives all we can do is speak negatively about it. Then we wonder why we don't get to see ourselves more often. I say Tiny & Toya keep doing your thing and I'll tune in for more next week! What did you think of the premier of Tiny & Toya?

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