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T.O. Recap

I am not sure if I am the only person that was a little disturbed by what I saw on the T.O. Reality Show last night so I would like to discuss it with my viewers today. From day one of the show they have made it a point to show Terrell Owens with different women and I think its because right now he is simply focusing on his career and trying to decide what he's going to do when his professional football career is finished. Last night on the show for the first time they introduced us to T.O. "friend: Kari who just so happen to be a 22 year old student and bartender in Miami , Florida. The part that was disturbing to me was that it was her first time being introduced to us yet she made it a point to try to regulate on T.O. She wasn't even his girlfriend yet and she attempted to put demands on him such as getting married and having a family. She even made him look bad by telling him she was leaving and not to come chasing her with his apologies because she would not be accepting of it. I know that with this new reality show we have seen many different sides of T.O., but I am not sure I ever wanted to see his BITCh side. I am however looking forward to seeing how this fiasco plays out. What did you think of the T.O. show last night?

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