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MI-VI The Future of NightClubs!

The first impression upon entering MI-VI Nightclub is nothing less than being awestruck. Your first step into the venue is on imported polished marble adorned with the etched MI-VI logo, which gives the feeling that you have arrived at the definition of luxury. All the walls are lined with the finest fabrics money can buy and the venue is perfectly arranged with imported furniture fit for a king's castle, instantly transporting you to the 15th century. The gold stitching and velvet evident throughout the venue truly separates MI-VI from all the rest, setting a bar for ultimate exquisite taste. The lighting and sound systems create an ambiance that cannot be matched, perfectly capturing the essence of what a real nightclub should be. The venue is packed with beautiful people and you fit right in amongst the best of the best because you are now a member of a group lucky enough to experience MI-VI

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