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Saturday Inspiration Solange Knowles

The beautiful and talented Solange Knowles took to her twitter page to let her followers know exactly what music means to her...Check it out....

Can i just say that music is my everything.
It makes me live
It makes me die.
It makes me run.
It causes me to be still.
It makes me laugh, cry, smile, frown, turn my nose up, shake my ass, hide, curl up, open wide, jump, shield, express, be still, be quiet.
It makes me think "no one loves music like me" even when i know that cant be true.
It inspires me to break up with trifling ass dudes, stay with trifling ass dudes, learn from trifling ass dudes. It makes me escape, it makes me confront feelings i was scared too, it makes me evolve, grow, bloom, blossom, become weak, become vulnerable
It makes me fall in love with beautiful men, strong men, loving men.
It makes me identify, recognize, crash and burn, recover and rediscover, leap, duck, first position, second, third. It makes me want to be better, want to be stronger, want to be smarter.
It makes me wanna slap folk, especially folk who dont shit bout no music, like bad music, music that dont stand fo nutttttttn.
It makes me respect people, bow down, pay my dues. It makes me judgmental when actually i should just know that music is music and different stroke for different folk.
It makes me shut up, it makes me talk too much.
It makes me want to say fuck major record labels and have full control over all my shit even if it means sacrificing $$$$$ and publicity.
It makes me brave, it makes me scared, it makes
It makes me love you, appreciate you for appreciating me and...understanding
makes me bang bone thugz, shuggie, beck, marvyn, radiohead, lauryn, grizzly bear, biggie, bjork, britney spears and errthing in between.
It makes me bang, Erykah, Girls, Isley Brothers, Femi Kuti, De La, Dilla, Yeasayer, Phoenix, Scarface, Goldfrapp, Aaliyah, Earth Wind &fire
List too long. Music just makes me.
Music makes me say , "fuck your labels, clicks, expectations, circles, exclusives, must haves...." I don't wanna be part of none of it.
I just want my music.
music makes me horny.
music makes me sleepy. goodnight.

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