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Celebrity Style According to Me!

I'm a firm believer that when a Celebrity is in fashion, they can do no wrong, but I think some Celebrities take advantage of this....Read on for my take on Fashion Fabulosity and What Not!

Jennifer, Girl.....It's a New Day and I think its about time for a new stylist. You are way too fab! to come out looking this way! And pick up a new hair stylist while you're at it!

Jennifer found out that RED works for her and has decided to werk it to the best of her ability....I ain't mad at ya!

Mila with you basking in the glory of Black Swan please explain why you're giving us Dead Dove in this outfit?

Kate is wearing a Dollie........

Rosario you make me never ever want to see black tights with a dress again! How many times are you going to support this fad?

Rose knows how to incorporate black tights into her style and make it look good!

15yr old Hailee Steinfeld is claiming her spot on the fashion charts! You're never too young to mark your territory!

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