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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Celebrity Style!

I luv the way Zoe does casual and we can always count on her for a great shoe!

 I adored Whitney on "The Hills" and "The City" but I'm sorry, I'm not buying her clothes or taking any fashion advice from her!!! Looking like this you shouldn't either!! Get it together Whitney!!

 Since Thandie played the slutty girl in For Colored Girls I have been obsessed with her!! To know that she gets fashion is definitely an added benefit.!! Sign up here for the Thandie Newton fan club!!

 I'm sorry but if she's going to be dating Justin Bieber I would kinda prefer her staying away from such mature outfits....Is she 18 or 38, inquiring minds wanna know!!

 Katy I luv ya girl and you can rock a latex dress like no other, but this outfit right here...No Bueno!!!!!

Remember when baby Drew played in the Firestarter, well she should have burned this outfit!!!!

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