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Loubou Dilemma!

Readers of the Frugal Flirty N Fab, today I come to you with a dilemma that's currently weighing pretty heavy on my heart, simply stated I need help deciding To Louboutin or Not To Louboutin!!  I know this may sound silly the fact that a grown ass woman is coming to my readers for clarity as to whether or not I should purchase a shiny pair of Red Bottoms, but don't you dare judge me, I am simply bringing it to my blog in the strictest confidence. I am a woman of the world, meaning I look at my daily news and I know the horrible position that many of my friends and family have been placed in, but that just hasn't quenched my thirst for just one Super Sexy pair of Louboutins. Here I am posting daily postings about how to be Fab on a Frugal budget when 5 out of 7 nights a week I dream of what it would be like to wear Loubou's for the first time. Does that make me some sort of D-list fashion blogging hypocrite???? If so then to hell with all of you! I am a dedicated wife, a full time employee, worlds best mom, a loyal loving friend,and a all around Superwoman (in my head) and I deserve those shoes, all great women do! Life is simply too short and too precious for me not to have a pair!

I've tried so many times to justify me buying a pair but the question, "Are you out of your damn mind", just keeps presenting itself. How will I ever get rid of the guilt of buying a pair knowing there are so many other  more important things I could do with the money? Would I be able to live with myself, Would the purchase be worth it, Would I eventually get over the guilt, Would I start mistreating all my other shoes,Would I wear a hole in them as a form of punishment, are just Some of the questions I ask myself over and over. Help Dammit!

All I know is that some of the worlds most powerful and positive women  have all donned a pair of Louboutins so why should I be any different? When I see a pair my entire world lights up and I immediately hear beautiful melodies in my head. Sunday night I prayed for a sign and seeing Patti LaBelle wearing them at the BET Awards was so much more than a coincidence in my  book, did yall catch that?

If anyone can shed some light on this little dilemma I would luv to hear from you. How do  you go about deciding which fashion purchases to make and which items are simply best seeing from afar? Should One Louboutin or Not?

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  1. I say GO FOR IT!!! I have been having this exact conversation with myself and I am jumping the LOUBI broom!!! You only LIVE ONCE!!!!! I can't wait to see which pair will grace your closet! Your new follower!!!


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