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My Life on the Fashion Blogging DList

Readers, followers and fans of the Frugal Flirty N Fab, today I come to you after 2 years of blogging to discuss my life on the Fashion Bloggers D-List. I'm going to give you an up close and personal look into what my life has been like over the past 2 years of blogging. I will try to make this as quick and as entertaining as possible hoping the fashion bloggers that come behind me will learn from my mistakes. Let me first start out with a brief explanation of why I began blogging.

After years of working jobs that I never felt satisfied me I realized the only thing in my life that was constant and that truly made me happy was fashion. I loved everything about fashion from the way you feel when you find a great pair of shoes to the way you can positively touch the lives of others by simply finding the right outfit. The thing that I really liked was the fact that I'm somehow capable of finding the most fabulous outfit without ever breaking the bank and I decided it was about time that I share this with others. My first blog post was titled Keeping it Real on a Budget , I had no idea what was next to come....

I have a great personality, fairly cute, fun, and a great dresser so I'm sure I wont have a problem getting visitors to my blog I thought to myself, but boy was I wrong. After months of blogging realizing I wasn't getting the visitors I wanted I told myself the right thing to do was to basically spam  celebrities on Twitter to get attention for my blog, making this mistake number 1! One night after admittedly harassing celebrities, Tameka Raymond, ex wife of Usher Raymond sent me an email basically telling me my blog sucked, she doesn't like blogs, she's not interested in reading mine, and to please,please,please stop sending it to her....My feelings were beyond hurt but I quickly realized that that was not the way to get the recognition I deserved, although Tameka was a real Bit**! The next thing I tried to do was get some feedback from other bloggers but that was mistake #2, because in the blogging world its every man for themselves I quickly learned. I did manage to make contact with Claire from The Fashion Bomb Daily who was very nice and willingly gave me some advice making her the sole exception. At that point it was just me and my blog and I knew I would learn the ins and outs through good old trial and error.....

On Jun 9th 2009 I was sure the blogging Gods had answered my prayers and my blog was finally turning the corner to Stardom when I wrote a post titled Love Love ,woke up the next day to find that over 6000 visitors had suddenly visited my post. This was the big break I'd been waiting on but the stardom was short lived and after just 3 short days I was back to my original numbers which were becoming more and more depressing. 2009 played out all the same but I refused to quit because I actually luv blogging even though others didn't appear to be as passionate about my work.

I spent 2010 learning how to make improvements to my blog and how to share my luv of dresses and shoes with others. I attended my very first fashion event and  realized just how powerful owning a good blog could be. I still struggled with finding a way to take my blog from mediocre to great but I knew that after a year giving up would never be an option. Thanks to my blog I have met great people, attended fabulous shows, participated in charity events, and hopefully brought a little recognition to the lack of minorities in the fashion industry and theses experiences are priceless.

We are now 6 months into 2011 (2yr blog anniV) and while I am no where near where I want to be I am comfortable with the positive changes I've made on the Frugal Flirty N Fab's behalf. I was nominated as one of the best blogs of South Florida, Invited to more than a handful of local events, have my own Fan Page and plus my visitors have more that doubled what they were in June of 2010. Am I still on the Fashion Bloggers D list...yes, am I heading in the right direction, absolutely. Bloggers always keep in mind Rome wasn't built in a day.....


  1. I think you should measure the success of your blog in the happiness and fun times you've already had because of it! Doing what you enjoy is what's really important, and being invited to events and being nominated?! Those are awesome bonuses!

    We're pretty new to blogging, and haven't experienced the horror stories just yet - thanks for preparing us if anything like that happens in the future!

    Just keep blogging - your blog is great! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. i agree with you in that it takes time and it definitely does not happen overnight. having readership climb is always a positive and thankfully i've never gone the spamming route and hardly ever even comment on most blogs. I dont believe in follow for follow because i want people to read my blog because they like it, not because they are getting a reciprocal follow or comment in return. so thats my 2 cents.

  3. You did a great job with this post, showing what many bloggers go through to be recognized. My blog is still fairly new as well, but slowly building it up! I love your blog, I'm following you now =]

  4. What a great and inspiring post.Your journey has certainly been worth it. As they always say, good things come to those who wait. As a new blogger, my growth has certainly been slow. I do enjoy it though, as you do, so I will plug along like a turtle. All the best to you.

  5. Wow, that's truely a hell of an experience. I never thought to spam people. I know people hate it, just like the hate seeing it in their inbox. LOL But, yeah fashion is like evrything else. Dog Eat Dog; we will meeet people who are on out side, but we cant let out guard down. I love my blog though, I've actually been very patient. I do get annoyed, but I have never thought of quiting, so there's the love <3


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