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Dear Kim!

Dear Kimmy, First of all let me start off by saying Congrats on the wedding and I wish you two a life of happiness, but when I saw this picture ,since we are fashion friends, I knew it would only be right if I address my issues directly with you. The dress is absolutely amazing and a complete scene stealer, but I can't help but to question what made you wear those shoes with such a dominating dress. Don't get me wrong the shoes are fab, but why did you chose to wear them with this particular dress? I mean its pretty similar to the rule that if the girls are showing you really shouldn't show the booty too and vice verse, but did you just forget that there are rules that need to be followed when wearing this kinda frock? Anyways I'll be waiting on your response and hoping this doesn't end our fashion friendship. Thanks, Frugal Flirty N Fab!
Was I too hard on Kimmy Cakes or did she ruin a nice dress by pairing it with these shoes?

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