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Celebrity Style Roundup!

All is fair in Luv and Fashion but we know as far as our Celebrity fashionistas are concerned, fashion choices are either making their career or breaking their career. Let's take a look as our latest Celebrity Roundup!
Amanda I know sometimes we can loose sight of things with all the colorblocking going on but sweetie the yellow shoes with this frock is a definite don't! And while we're at it you are giving us wide couture in the dress.....

Jordana I think this is a case where you're just depending on your gorgeous looks to do all the work, but that's no reason for someone so beautiful to continuously give us frumpy day after day!!!

Alexa your style is quirky and that kinda works for you but those shoes with the dress, No ma'am!

Gwyneth you like nice and you're wearing one of my favorite color schemes, but Hello You just might be Beyonce's baby's God Mother, Do you know what them means?? Pick it up Gwyneth!!

Jamie this top is definitely a statement piece. I'm not sure what you're saying just yet but I am definitely open to listen!!! Luv it

Olivia you can appear to be very cold at times but at least you're a cold  and Fashionable!

Lauren is the girl that might now have it all but she'll but damn if she doesn't work what she has!!

What are your thoughts on this weeks Celebrity Fashion Roundup?

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