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5 Reasons to Luv Luichiny!!

When it comes to Rockin Hot Shoes I can always turn to Luichiny and here's 5 Reasons why!!!

  1.  No matter if its Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Luichiny is never afraid to take Bright and Vivid colors  and prints to the next level.
  2.  For all my fashionistas on a budget Luichiny shoes are very reasonably priced with a majority of their shoes under $100
  3.  Luichiny proves that fun footwear can also be very Sexy and we luv Fun and Sexy
  4.  Luichiny luvs being the show stopper or life of the party and who doesn't luv a flirty foot find that can work a room?
  5.  Luichiny represents the woman who is Bold, Sexy, Confident, and Awe Inspiring
Do you luv Luichiny?


  1. Hey there,

    I love the heart bottoms, I have the Kind Lee in Army Green, Loud Lee in Red.
    check out You'll love it!!!

  2. Hey sweetie, if you like Luichiny you should check out :

    They are going out of business and they have some at good prices.

    I like all the trends you cover. I will be back :)



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