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Faux Fur Fantasies......

Being a South Florida girl where the winters range around 80 degrees on a bad day you always have that fantasy of being in a cold climate and rocking something you wouldn't normally wear like a Beautiful Faux Fur Coat, Snow Boots, or a Fur Hat, but when I Spent my Weekend in Atlanta for the coming of Jalen King Meyers, that's exactly what happened, try to keep up! It was at the H&M inside the Cumberland Mall that I first laid eyes on her and I was in pure shock. Could this be the day my fashion fantasies become realities and I Rock the Faux Fur , I thought to myself? In pure disbelief I didn't even bother trying to get to the fitting room. I took her off the hanger and tried her on in the middle of the store and trust me when I tell ya I could suddenly hear the angels sing! She was everything I'd ever dreamed of and I was so excited I popped the tag off immediately and wore it to the register. I kinda think you could tell that maybe I wasn't used to rockin furs and the cooler weather because a couple of the people inside the store joined me boosting my ego and saying how nice it looked on me. By this time I was already way ahead of them and having visions of me taking pictures with Mary J. Blige on the red carpet, both in our furs of course (lol)... I could go on and on but in fear of sounding like a deranged faux fur wearing lunatic I'm gonna stop here but hey, What are some of your Fashion Fantasies and how far are you willing to go to make those fantasies a Reality?

I had too much going on while I was in Atlanta to take pictures of the actual look on the day I wore the fur so I headed to my neighborhood park to get some shots so I could share with you all.

Didn't want to take any attention away from the Fur so I paired it with a simple LBD for photo purposes.

 I've actually had these shoes for a couple years but of course I luv adding animal prints to anything and I like how they complete the look.

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