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Oh So Blue!

Last night I went to the Rusty Pelican to have a bite to eat with Hubby and I wanted to wear something that was cute, forgiving, just in case I wasn't able to stop myself from eating and drinking everything in sight, and also something that was worthy of being worn by the Frugal Flirty N Fab so with that being said, Here I am Feeling Blue......How do I look?

I'm no photographer but I do think it might be time for a new camera cause these pictures just aren't showing the true beauty of this look. I was actually doing a little minor colorblocking because the dress was a beautiful shade of cobalt blue and the shoes brought out the dress even more being a bright and beautiful turquoise........

The dress has really great details like beautiful ruching, pleating, and a really cute opened draping back that my camera unfortunately wasn't able to capture but trust me when I tell you it was a super fab find for the price....

I'm currently in the process of transitioning my hair from permed to natural which is why I decided to go with a wavy bun for my hairstyle of choice. It was kind of a spur of the moment look but I think it worked out well with buns being kinda trendy right now.

You cant really see it much in this picture but I added hot pink gloss and  a bright green eyeshadow to my look to give it a bit of drama and you all know I luv drama...

Dress Ross, Shoes Bakers, Earrings Mint, Rose Clutch, Forever21

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