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Judge Not my Fashions!

For as long as I can remember I've been in luv with fashion, but Sometimes we get so caught up in the politics of it we forget that it's meant to be expressive, pleasing and above all else fun! Lets do away with the times when what you're wearing becomes a factor in whether you live or die and get back to the fun of it! Don't judge my fashions, Enjoy it, Respect it, Live it, Wear it!.......
If ever you begin to lose the fun, throw on a little color.....

You can't even mention fun without mentioning Luichiny!

Say Hello to Say Vee!

Shirt Forever 21, Jean Shorts Dior, Shoes and Hat Luichiny Earrings Burlington, Lipstick Mac


  1. Very cute casual look and those shoes are pretty special. They add a bit of glam to your outfit:-)

  2. OMG I Love your shoes!!!

  3. Super cute outfit!!! Your shoes are the!!!!

  4. Hi! New follower loving your style! ... Great blog x

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa!

  5. love your shoes :D hope i can find something like that at home :D

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