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The Pickup Artist Strikes Again!

Some people have a weakness for babies while some may have a weakness for pound cake, but when it comes to the Frugal Flirty N Fab, my weakness is any item thats on sale, discounted or marked below 50% of its original value! Whoever said with great style comes great responsibility surely wasn't lying, so let's consider this post a call for help! Its one thing if I was making these special purchases and knew without a doubt I'd be able to wear the item or even pass it along to someone who could, but my joy clearly comes from buying it below its original value, looking at it every now and then  and remembering the rush I got making the purchase...crazy right? Is there a medical term for this? For now I will title my purchases ,  Pickup Artist Buys. Lets take a look at my latest find!
Found these inside Charlotte Russe and it was luv at first sight. The original price was $39 bucks but it must have been my lucky day cause I picked them up for a mere $10!!!!! Oh it felt so good!!!

After I got them home reality started setting in and I quickly knew I would never wear these....

I thought about doing a Giveaway but not too many of my fashionistas wear a size 6.5

I mean their cute, colorful, high, sexy and pretty much everything a girl could ask for from a pair of shoes....So could someone anyone explain why I've had them for nearly 3 weeks without wearing them? Did they lose their oomf after  being purchased? Will the pickup Artist ever be tamed? Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out!


  1. I don't think you should give them away. An occasion can come up that you need purple shoes for. They look great for $10.

  2. Those are cuuuttteee.......At least your habit/addiction is harmless....

  3. Girl those heels are fly!!! Sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect opportunity to rock them. I know I have several pairs I haven't broken out of the box yet but I still have love for them.


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