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Week in Celebrity Style!

Because "We live not according to reason, but according to fashion", Lets see What's Hot and Whats Not this week in Celebrity Style!
Cassie, Style, Fashion
Cassie look Chic and Stylish as usual checking out shows in Paris!

Garcelle Beauvais does effortless style like no other...Hot and Luv the color!

If you got it flaunt it and Obviously J. Lo has no problem with that and neither do I!

I luv the printed dress but can someone explain why Olivia chose to wear those shoes with it?

With this look I feel like Katy is going from Soft core porn to Hard Core porn....No Katy, Don't go into the light!!!!

I had no idea Rashida jones was Bout the "Cat Lady" life.......

Rihanna pulls of this look and any other in my book....Cute!

Hope you enjoyed this week in Celebrity Style! Who Rocked and who Socked in your book?


  1. Rihanna has her hair the color I want to try out Jlo outfit was cute.

    Please go over to, I tagged you in this post =] happy blogging

  2. That is the worst outfit ever Rashida is wearing. I am also puzzled about Olivia's choice of heels. The shoes definitely hurt the entire look. Garcelle looks good. She is wearing that dress.


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