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Boutique Sales Chic

Boutique Sales Chic
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Deal of the Day!

Printed Sheepskin Chunky Womens Platform Pumps
Visit Milanoo to find out Just How  Much of a Deal these really Are! You Won't be Sorry!


  1. I love the style of these shoes!

  2. The shape of them are so unusual! I love them!


  3. Hi, found this blog through Tumblr and thought I'd warn you :)

    M*lanoo is pretty much a scam site. They steal their images (they were recently sued by David's Bridal for this reason) and, if they send out your products at all, they are usually a complete mess and look nothing like the picture. They have zero customer service as well and there's even a BBB alert out for them. I would seriously advise against ordering from them even though the prices seem tempting.

    Read more here:
    Here's a list of their other websites (there's a ton!):
    More recent reviews:


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