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My Hair My Health and My Heels!

Its getting harder and harder for me to feel satisfied with my 9-5 when my heart and soul come so alive in the presence of fashion. While I wait for my change to come I'm finding complete joy in my Hair, My Health, and my Heels....take a look!
I guess some of you are wondering why I'm wearing my workout clothes and one of my favorite pairs of heels....simply because I can and I enjoy doing so. I feel so strong and powerful in my workout wear and without my heels...I am nothing!! Try it yourself and tell me how ya feel.....

I've been trying to come up with new ideas for taking pictures in an effort to seperate myself from the millions of other bloggers and that lead me to my dining room table with my Jillian Michaels workout ball...Only the strong survive, and being that next month I'll be celebrating my third year as a blogger I can definitely agree with that!

I wanted to give you all Fab Natural Hair and Hot Heels with a emphasis on staying in good health but I may have just given you damn fool but I'm alright with that......

I've had these shoes for over 4-5 years and I have to say they are definitely one of my all time favorites. I have yet to wear them without some stranger telling me how nice they are so I like to call them my colorful conversation starters.

Thanks for allowing me to share a couple of my favorite things at the moment with you. ...To me luving fashion is all about having that freedom of expression so no matter if its with your hair, your health, or your heels, Express Yourself!


  1. I've definitely worn my workout gear with my sexiest heels because it DOES feel great! I don't have a pair as cute as the pair you are wearing in these photos though. Love the photos of you on the table too. very chic and genius! <3 Jessica

  2. I actually really love this look of pairing casual clothes with heels. And yes...Express Yourself for sure!:)



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