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Thursday Fit of the Day!

Happy Thursday Fab Fashionistas, I hope everone is having a Fashionable day!! My day started a little differently with me being attacked by a squirrel at the park while trying to get my workout on this morning!! Ok Ok maybe I wasn't exactly attacked but it did give me very beaty eyes and chase me about 50 yards, Oh the horror! But besides that minor incident today is turning out to be a Killer Day! How much of that greatness do you think my Thursday fit is responsible for?????

Although this top/bottom combination looks like they were created for each other I bought them both at seperate times for different looks but when I combined them this morning I felt it was a match made in the fashion heavens.....

I really need everyone to work with me and pretend that I am wearing a perfectly coiffed side bun because when I was putting this look together thats what I imagined...Please and thank you!

These shoes are so fab and the fact that I appear much taller plus purchased them for an amazing $6.99 really increases the Fab Factor! What kind of Greatness is your Thursday fit Responsible for?

Pleated Shirt Forever 21
Wide Leg High Waist Pants Forever 21
Shoes Ross
Earrings Burlington

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