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Buy Borrow Bury-Body Edition!

In this weeks edition of Buy Borrow Bury we have one of my favorite female athletes, Serena Williams, My favorite Ex Supermodel, Tyra Banks, and one of my favorite Ex Wives Nicole Murphy!  You already know the routine, You have to pick one option for each look! So with that being said, If you had it your way, Which one of these looks would you Buy, Borrow, and Bury? Choose Wisely!


  1. you have a really funky blog :)
    please check out mine! i'm now following you :) xxxx

  2. buy: tyra banks outfit
    borrow: serena williams outfit
    bury: nicole murphy

    1. Count to 4 I'm a sucker for a red dress so I think I would buy Serena's and borrow Tyra's but we can agree on Nicoles!! Thanks!

  3. Buy: Tyra Banks (beautiful!)
    Borrow: Serena Williams (nice and always good, but not very interesting)
    Burn: Nicole Murphy (too tight, trashy and accesorized very badly if you ask me)

    Love! Sam

  4. Sam I think Nicole went a little too hard and thats not something she ever needs to do! Thanks!


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