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Crazy in Luv!

How much of a part does your significant other play in your style? I was watching the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians on Sunday night and in this episode Kanye West who is current involved in a relationship with Kim Kardashian convinced her that she needed to donate a large portion of her wardrobe to charity while filling up her closet with pieces that add a little more edge to her look. When the cameras paned over the multitude of fabness she was getting rid of I cringed in disbelief! I  mean if there's one thing I have always liked and admired about Kim it was her style. Don't get me wrong, Kanye is a very talented artist but after viewing a couple pieces in his latest collection there's no way in hell I would allow him to dress me! If I'm speaking honestly on the subject Kim has worn some of the worst outfits I have ever seen her wear since becoming booed up with Mr. West in the first place!  Everyone can stand to dress with a little edge, but if Mr. West thinks he can turn Kim into a catsuit wearing Amber Rose he has another thing coming! This isn't the first time we've seen this happen in relationships. Who can forget the JLo/PDiddy era? What this particular episode did was lead me to ask my readers, How important is it in your relationship that your significant other agrees or accepts your style? Would it be a deal breaker if the luv of your life hated your fashion choices and wanted to give you a makeover? Speak on it!


  1. I saw this episode this morning and was appalled! Also a fan of Kim's style, I could not believe she was getting rid of all those fabulous pieces because Kanye said so. IF my husband doesn't like something I wear, we would have to talk about it. I wouldn't be just throwing my stuff out like that!

    1. Miss Dre I couldn't agree more!! I hope she snaps out of it!

  2. I havent seen this episode, but now I'm going to tune in just so I can see this. I love Kim's style and the only reason why I'm interested in her in the first place. I haven't been a fan of the way he's been dressing her. I just feels like it's not her. I feel a lot of a person's personality is refelected in the way they dress and just another way to express yourself. He is completely taking away her individuality in dressing her, but I guess if she allows it then I must be ok with her. Just a little controlling to me. I would have a serious issue if my boo decided he was going to control what I was going to wear. I don't mind suggesstions, but redesigning my entire wardrobe is completely out of the question.


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