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My Fright of White!

I absolutely luv seeing Celebrities and Fashionistas Rock white, but there's just something about wearing the color that frightens the hell out of me! I'm not sure if I had a bad white fashion moment when I was a kid or not, but for as long as I can remember this is one color I've managed to stray away from. I've even had nightmares about preparing for one of Diddy's White Parties and not being able to find anything to wear because they all look awful on me!!.....The biggest issue I have with the color white is that it shows all your imperfections and that's just not what the Frugal Flirty N Fab is all about! Its my goal to exude confidence in anything I wear so rest assured soon I will tackle this white issue by the horns and shock you all by wearing the white dress of your lives, Watch what I tell ya! Those of you who are not here for my White fantasies please feel free to just let me know. In the meantime here are 5 fab white dresses that make White Alright! Enjoy!
Is White Right?

How do you feel about the color White? Is there a certain color or style that gives you fashion anxiety?