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15 Ways to Get Ya Leather Up!

When I think leather I think Sexy, Dark, Mysterious, Intelligent, Bad Ass and so much more and lets' be honest,Who doesn't want to take to the streets in something that may hint you Kick Ass when your not being Fashionable Fab! With that attitude in mind here are 15 Frugal Flirty N Fab pieces designed to help ya Get ya Leather up! Thank me later!


Is Leather on your Fall must have list? What pieces are a must?


  1. thanks for the lovely message! love that flared skirt!

    x Vittoria

  2. This is timely! I just purchased a leather skirt (my first!) and a black leather jacket. I want a wine colored jacket as well.

  3. I'm thanking you NOW! This is a kick ass selection! I need more leather in my life and I think I'm going to start with that pencil skirt then move on to that burgundy jacket. HOT!


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