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Celebrity Style-Becareful What you Ask For!

I understand that as a celebrity its your job to standout from the crowd and be in charge of your own style, I get it! But have you ever wanted to see a celebrity look a certain way and then when they did you begged for them to turn back into their pretransformed selves.........
I luv her voice, her confidence, her strength, her beauty, but for so long I wanted Songstress Alicia Keys to transform out of her tomboyish looks and into something sexy, feminine, and pretty, but for some reason seeing her in this ensemble which is kinda exactly what I asked for made me long for the reemergence of the tomboyish girl next door again. Its not a bad look but is it right for Alicia?

As a artist and performer she's fab but for so long I just wished she'd set the costumes aside and dress normally for once, but seeing Nicki Minaj in this plain Jane getup leaves me feeling lost and confused....Barbs where were you when her Roman and the other folks living inside needed ya?

Have you ever longed for a Celebrity Style Transformation then regretted it after you got your way?


  1. Alicia Keys' style has always confused me. I mean she's so beautiful and talented but I wouldn't dare say that she was a style icon of mine as she definitely misses more than she hits. And Nicki, ugghhh, I just can't take her serious enough to really get into anything that she is involved with.


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