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Hello Houndstooth-Personal Style Fit of the Day!

Happy Thursday Fabulites!! I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start on this Beautiful Thursday and first day of November! This week has really proven itself to be a very interesting one. I put in a little extra time in on the elliptical this morning only to arrive at work and take out 3 Snicker bars, 2 Twix, 2 Kits Kats, and 2 cups of coffee with extra cream and sugar in less than 30 minutes! I think its safe to say that Greatness is currently not in my near future!! Anyways lets jump right into my Houndstooth personal style fit of the day! i am utterly and completely head over heel in luv with Houndstooth. One of my most favorite print. I knew it was luv when I found this Chic, Trendy, and Oh So Sexy dress at Ross, Yes Ross! In my mind it embodied everything that I am and want to be....Take a Look!

What Fall Fashions are you FaLLing for?
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