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Cure for the Monday Blues.........

It was Monday, I hadn't been to my 9to5 since last Wednesday, I was suffering from a sore throat and evil head cold, fighting to stay awake after 2 cups of NyQuil, and overdosed on caffeine with 2 large cups of Dunkin Doughnut coffee with extra cream and sugar, and I knew the only thing that would make this Manic Monday better was a quick dress up session....and so I did
Blazer Thrifted, Skirt Forever 21, Boots Bakers, Bag Bakers, Earrings Bakers, How do I look?
How do you deal with the Monday Blues?


  1. You look great hunny!! Loving your leopard blazer :)

    With Love,

    1. Thanks Ashley! The Leopard Blazer was a great find for my first time thrifting!


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