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Art Basel Select Fair Recap!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Select Art Fair at the Catalina Hotel on South Beach and let me be the first to say it was simply amazing! The night was filled with Live performances, complimentary champagne, and most importantly some of the most interesting and exciting works of art I've seen. Allow me to give you a glimpse into my night...

Took this directly in front of the Catalina hotel on Miami Beach. Exhibits were set up all around the hotel turning into a must see Art Basel showing.

For my look of the night I went with this Tribal Print Midi dress from ASOS and a pair of my favorite blue shoes purchased last year from Bakers. I knew that I'd be doing lots of walking throughout the night so I decided to go with a look that was fashionable, trendy, chic, and could handle the walking game, How do I look?

As many of you know the artist frown upon you taking pictures of their work so you won't see too many shots from inside the actual show. I was however able to take this one on the Second floor of the hotel. The artwork on the railing and behind me were extremely creative and interesting.
Can't possibly catch a show without adding in fashion perks so this white Jacket definitely caught my eye.... Wishlist item for sure!
You already know a girl has got to get her Instagram on...Check me out @frugalflirtynfab

Got a glimpse of these boots on my way to the Catalina and immediately thought about the justice I'd do in them.....Can you say Merry Christmas??

Thanks for allowing me to walk you through my night at the Select Art Fair. Special thanks to the Select Team for selecting the Frugal Flirty N Fab to be a VIP Member and going above and beyond to make sure my night was memorable. Stay tuned for additional Art Basel Updates. Have you ever attended a art fair? What was your experience like?
Dress here
Shoes Bakers
Earrings Burlington

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