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Friday Fabness!

TGIF FABulites!! Looks like we have all survived the End of the World festivities and I for one am Glad!! I'm even more excited at the fact that we South Floridians are getting our first taste of Old Man Winter!! Yay!! According to this morning news report we will experience temperatures in the low 40's that will feel like 30's with the breeze and I am ecstatic!! I have been hoarding Winter pieces for months so don't be alarmed if I give you 10 different wardrobe changes and looks over the course of the next few days! Please just let me have my arctic moment!! Anyways take a look at how I kicked off the first day of our upcoming Winter Wonderland!

Because we are just now in the process of feeling the temperatures drop and I didn't want to risk dying of heat exhaustion I kept it fairly simple with Forever 21 skinny Jeans, Mustard 2bebe cutout sweater, white sweater vest that I'm in luv with, and my Shoe Republic LA Booties....How do I look?

Sorry about the Blurry pictures and red eyes! My photographer (son) had other early morning interest today....

I stalked this cute fur vest at Burlington until it finally went on clearance for $17bucks! I luv the drama it brings to the look!
Found these Shoe Republic LA booties at Burlington also! If there was ever a such thing as the perfect Booties these would definitely take the title!

How are you preparing for Old Man Winter?


  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS - I'll send you some snow!

  2. Happy Holidays to you too and not too much snow just a little!!

  3. Your bog looks great, dear! :) Glad to have connected today! #blmgirl

  4. I love the white fur vest! Very cute look :)



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