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Keni Valenti Presents Battle of Versailles

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the Keni Valenti Gallery ,"Battle of the Versailles" fashion collection. The entire collection is based off the 1973 fashion show where masters of French design such as Hubert De Givenchy, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent and others were pited against a team of bold US upstarts including Halston, Anne Klein, Bill Blass, Oscar De la Renta, Stephen Burrows, and others. The show made fashion history because for the first time, the Americans used 8 African American models to showcase their collection at a time when it was rare to see African Americans walking the runway. It was the planting of the American flag in Fashion and without a doubt will go down in Fashion History! Take a look!
 American Designers Oscar de la Renta and Halston
French designer Hubert de Givenchy
 Americans Halston and Bill Blass
Beautiful personal showcase of both the French and US designers!
Keni Valenti and two special guests
Keni Valenti Gallery is located at 2612 N.W. 2nd Avenue in Miami , Fl and the Battle of the Versailles Collection will be on display for the next 60 days and you definitely don't want to miss it!  For additional information on the Keni Valenti Gallery please visit

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