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My Black is Beautiful!

TGIF Fabulites!! We are just a couple hours away from the Weekend and I can't wait! It's been a long work week to say the least! Anyways with Spring being just around the corner I wanted to share with you one of favorite and most popular posts.  I would luv to get your feedback on this. Hope you enjoy it!

With so much talk today about African Americans not being showcased on the catwalks of Milan, the Big Screen, the Small Screen or anything else for that matter, I just wanted to showcase just how Beautiful, Alluring, Confident, and Sexy we can be! People of all ethnicity's are Fabulous and I think its about time everyone from Hollywood to the cat walks of London take notice! My black is Beautiful, take a look!

Jessica White

Serena Williams

Kelly Rowland


Amber Rose


Damaris Lewis


Lala Vasquez

What's not to Luv and Celebrate?


  1. I'm all for Black and Beautiful, and I appreciate the intent of this post. However; Amber Rose is half Italian, half Cape Verdean, and La La Anthony Is of Puerto Rican descent. I love the photos though.

  2. Hi, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award:

  3. Black doesn't just mean the race... it is a color so it doesn't matter what ethnicity you may be.


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