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Running and Luving It!

Sometimes as a blogger I often think am I not sharing enough with my readers or possibly even too much about things that are just unimportant? As I blog more and more I think it's important to share with you some of the reasons I'm able to keep blogging at the level that I am. One of the main reasons for my current blogging success is the fact that I'm a runner. I started running at the age of 11 and still this day when I want to focus on my blog I hit the surface and the answers come to me! Not only does the running keep me in check when it comes to having the confidence to rock my daily fits of the day, but it also keeps me healthy and fit for my readers in search of a little Frugal Flirty N Fab inspiration.
My current sneakers of choice are my New Balance 1340 Running shoes. They provide the right amount of support and comfort plus they look great with my jogging wear!  I run anywhere between 3-5 days out of the week and look forward to participating in my very first marathon one day soon. What activities keep you motivated and in check for doing the things you love most?

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