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SuperBowl Halftime Meets Beyonce!!

While I have enjoyed numerous SuperBowl Championships I can't remember ever being this excited before! For the first time ever Beyonce Knowles Carter will be including feminine charm, style, poise, and effortless Fabness to the championship! Just when you think she can take you no higher she will own the stage of the road less traveled. While anything she sings will be great for me, I'm kinda hoping she brings Jay out for a performance, you know with it being the month of luv and all, and I would dance my Ass off if she performed Get me Bodied (Fav)! What I know without a doubt is that the hair, makeup, and wardrobe will be beyond on point and this Halftime Performance will go down in SuperBowl History!
What are you most looking forward to hearing Beyonce performi?

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  1. I know what you mean! I am in LOVE with Beyonce, and I was so excited to watch her performance. As always, she blew me away. Beautiful person, and excellent talent! :)


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