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Kicks of the Day-Luv em or Leave em?

Happy Thursday Fabulites! Just one more day before we can call this work week a wrap and let the fun begin! I am really hoping that this will be the weekend I can finally bring some order to my shoe closet. Things are clearly out of hand and once and for all I need to show my shoes who's boss! I'm a firm believer that what is meant to be is simply meant to be. When God granted me with a six and half size foot with a arch created by the Gods I had no choice but to be a shoe addict! Anyways let's jump right into my Thursday shoe of the day. This one comes from one of my current favorite Brands, Shoe Republic La but today I ask, Luv it or Leave it?
Kicks N Dots

 Leave a comment telling me how you'd rock this look. Personally I think I'd rock it with an all black ensemble, you know, allow the shoe to have its shine!

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