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Swimwear and You!

The chill of winter may not have gone yet, but this season’s swimwear has already hit the shelves.

Shopping for swimwear isn’t always a case of snapping up the first itsy bitsy bikini that comes along. Different swimwear styles are better suited to different figures – here’s a guide to finding the perfect style for your body shape:

Athletic shapes

Don’t let your naturally svelte figure (or hours at the gym) go to waste with the wrong bikini shape. Opt for a classic triangle design with strong cup support to create more bust. Go for bright, fun colours and opt for fun designs to draw attention to your top half.

If you like a bandeau style wrap bikini, opt for one with a thin halter neck to ensure lift and a ring top to add an extra eye-catching feature. Ruffles, patterns and details are all great to break up the straight lines of your athletic shape.

Pear shaped

If you’re larger on the bottom it’s always best to opt for a design that accentuates the top and draws the line of vision away from your bottom half. Avoid shorts that cut your leg off at the wrong place and instead opt for higher cut shorts.

If you’re conscious about revealing your mid-section, tankini styles are a great way of still showing off your bust whilst feeling comfortable and confident. Deep V-neck one pieces are another flattering and sexy option.

Short torso

If you have a short torso you should always opt for a swimsuit that elongates the region between your hips and your bust. Forget the colour blocking effect of a tankini and bottoms and instead go for a one piece with beautiful detailing around the bust. An interesting off the shoulder one piece with graphic cuts and colours draws attention away from the mid-section.


If you’re tall and swim then the right swimsuit should be all about creating or drawing attention to your womanly curves. Forget one pieces and instead opt for a bikini with frill detailing to create added shape to your figure. Front tied bows around the bust can also create a deceptive hour glass shape.

Are you ready to go out and find the right swimwear for your body type? 


  1. These are great tips for when shopping for swimwear! I'll definitely think about it when I'm stocking up for this summer :-)

    1. Thanks Hannah and I'm glad you found this post helpful!

  2. Good advice here. I totally agree with your recommendations!


    1. Thanks Kim and Im glad you like the post and come back to visit soon!


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