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London Trash Kicks of the Day!

Happy Monday and April 1st Fabulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantabulous Easter Weekend! My  weekend was filled with Movies, Great Food, Great Drinks and Family, Who could ask for anything more right? Let's jump right into my London Trash Kicks of the Day!

London Trash
Someday's you just want to feel pretty and put together without putting too much thought into what your wearing and that's where these beauties come in. Pair them with your favorite Spring dress, Your bright whites, or your favorite skinnies and allow them to work on your behalf. The price on these is a little more than what I normally like to pay but that's where fashion stalking comes in. Yes I stalk and if you knew what was good you'd do it too. A sale is pretty much inevitable and when it happens I'll be there to scoop and grab making them a Frugal Flirty N Fab purchase indeed! What are your thoughts on these London Trash Kicks of the Day, Luv em or Leave em?
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  1. Sweet Envy love these shoes a stunning love the print.

    1. I agree Sweet with Envy, Super Fab Indeed and thanks for commenting!!


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.