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Tuesday's Top 5 on the Dime!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! I know I've only been away for only a  couple days but somehow it feels like a lifetime! I've been super busy living lyfe, celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, new business ventures, soccer mom duties, and of course Youth Basketball! Makes me tired just writing it all out but I wouldn't have it any other way! Because it's Tuesday and its been a couple days since I last posted my Kicks of the Day I decided to give you my Top 5 on a Dime, Take a look!
Tuesdays Top 5 on the Dime!
I'm not sure what happened in previous seasons, but for some reason this year Spring has Hit me Hard! I am in Luv with absolutely everything! Lately I haven't come across a shoe I didn't like or didn't want to add to my collection! Crazy right? Hoarders here I come, or even worst Bankruptcy Court, The Horror! Is there some type of clinic for the shoe infatuation I'm currently obsessed with? How do you go about keeping your shoe shopping to a minimum when everything is so damn fab, Inquiring Minds wanna know!
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  1. I love the first and third pair! I need to get a pair like that soon....

    1. I agree Sequin Doll! Hot and perfect for Spring/Summer!

  2. I'm obsessed with these kind of shoes! And I actually had number 3 in my wantworthy list, they are fabulous! Cute post!


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